9 Reasons to Learn Latvian (+ the best resources to start studying it)

Have you ever ventured to the northeast of Europe with your language learning? To the Baltic to explore some of the oldest languages on the continent? Maybe now you will. Here’s 9 reasons to learn Latvian.

Looking for some reasons to learn Latvian? Curious about learning it but need some motivation to keep going? Click through to read this post.

My story

Latvian isn’t a language I’ve ever really thought about learning.

A few years ago now, me + Ashley went to the Baltic for a summer trip and so I’ve visited Latvia, but we were only in Riga and not for long so I didn’t get much chance to learn too much of the language beyond simple pleasantries.

However, after working on this video with James Granahan from Lingua Materna, a few of the reasons are quite intriguing, so who knows…!


Book2 Latvian Lessons – Some simple online lessons to get you started with the basics.

Introduction to Latvian – Great mini stater course from I Kinda Like Languages.

Learn Latvian YouTube Channel – Not currently updated but good range of videos to hear the language too.

Peace Corps Workbook – text-only workbook for beginners.

Colloquial Latvian Audio – free audio from Colloquial.

Colloquial Latvian – full course book to go with the free audio above!

Teach Yourself Complete Latvian – full course kit with book and audio.

Glossika – there’s even a Glossika course for Latvian too. Check how you can use Glossika here.

9 Reasons to Learn Latvian

Ok then, here it is! Enjoy 9 Reasons to Learn Latvian below…

Your Free Latvian Travel Phrases

If you’re heading to Latvia anytime soon or know some Latvians locally that you want to speak with, get your free Latvian Travel Phrases (+ lots of others in the Little Language Library!) when you click the image below.

Are you learning Latvian? Why do you learn the language? Share in the comments below!

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  • Alberto Moragon

    After watching your video and having studied Latin at High School, I think that Latvian and Latin have things in common. Did you realize that?