9 Reasons to Learn Welsh

Keeping up with our recent trend for 9 Reasons to Learn languages spoken in the UK with Scottish Gaelic last month, today we’re talking 9 reasons to learn Welsh. Let’s do this.

Want to learn Welsh? Here's 9 reasons to learn the language including some top resource links + a video to inspire you to find out more about Welsh! Click through for your free Travel Phrases PDF.>>

When I was about 14, I visited Wales one summer with my dad. I remember buying a CD from a Welsh band, with Welsh words all over the CD case, and Welsh lyrics all over the music.

There was no real reason why I bought this.

I’d never had an interest in learning Welsh. I didn’t know much about it. But I was feeling pretty open to trying listening to music when I didn’t understand the language.

Thinking back, I’m pretty sure they guy working in the shop spoke Welsh to me too, but I can’t be sure.

Beyond that experience I never thought much about the language. Until little by little I met more and more people who speak or are learning Welsh. My friend Simon over at Omniglot, Gareth from How to Get Fluent and Kerstin from Fluent Language.

Welsh is slowly growing in popularity it seems, so what better time than to work with 2 of those friends (Gareth and Kerstin) on 9 Reasons to Learn Welsh.

Your Free Welsh Travel Phrases

To spark your inspiration, I’ve worked with Gareth and Kerstin to create your free Welsh Travel Phrases. Woop!

Click below to download it now.

Resources to learn Welsh

Curious to learn more about Welsh? Check out these resources below to get you started…

Say Something In Welsh – I’m constantly hearing good stuff about the SaySomethingIn series. If you’re curious about other languages in the UK, as well as Spanish, Dutch and Latin, they also have Manx and Cornish.

Apps in Welsh and Apps list from Welsh Government – If you find yourself constantly with a phone in your hand, make good use of it and download an app or two in Welsh!

Croeso – This free starter course from the Open University is perfect if you’re after a little taste of Welsh.

Duolingo – Yes! There’s even a Welsh course on Duolingo! No excuse that you can’t find anything to learn with.

Let’s Talk Welsh – Mererid is an online Welsh tutor with loads of great resources listed on her site, plus a blog where she details specifics about the language. Perfect for going beyond the basics.

9 Reasons to Learn Welsh

And if you still need a little more convincing or you’re already set on the track to learning Welsh but need a little video to show your friends why, here’s 9 Reasons to Learn Welsh!

Do you speak Welsh? Are you curious to learn more? Share in the comments!

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  • Haha! I LOL’d hard at the “pimp my ride” joke!

    I didn’t know about the leek thing… shall I try it? Okay, maybe not.

    Your “9 reasons to learn a language” videos are always so fun to watch! 🙂

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    For many reason there many people are used English language around the world. I think this the good step to learn welsh language in here. People should be like this step so much.