9 Reasons to Learn Wolof (+ the best resources to learn it)

Have you ever wanted to learn an African language but not sure where to begin? What about learning Wolof? It’s time for 9 Reasons to Learn Wolof.

Have you ever wanted to learn an African language but not sure where to begin? What about learning Wolof? It's time for 9 Reasons to Learn Wolof. Click through for your free Travel Phrases PDF!

My Story

Wolof is a language I knew nothing about until the Polyglot Gathering a few years ago when I first met Khady Ndoye.

Khady is a language learner and professional who blogs at La Polyglotte. She has a strong experience and passion for African languages and is bound to inspire you to learn a language you may never have thought of learning such as Wolof, Swahili or Lingala.

I went to Khady’s presentation and learnt some basic phrases in the language and a little about the culture, which was really interesting.

So Wolof is almost as new to me as it may be to you!


If you’re feeling inspired, I found a few resources for you to get started with learning Wolof.

Live Lingua – some beginner courses including a little audio.

Memrise – there’s a good choice of Wolof courses on Memrise to give you the basics.

Senegal Wolof School – a few lessons on YouTube here.

Wolof 101 – some starter lessons on MyKajabi.

uTalk – uTalk has Wolof! Yay!

9 Reasons to Learn Wolof

Without further ado, here’s the video featuring reasons from the awesome Khady Ndoye.

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Are you learning Wolof? What are your reasons? Share in the comments below!

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