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Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Lindsay and I do languages. Not in a Debbie Does Dallas kind of way. More in the sense that I learn, teach, blog, vlog, eat, sleep, breathe everything language.

Way back in primary school I went to French club. It was fun and I guess I learnt stuff but the main reason I remember going when I think back now was because we were given croissants and orange juice at the end of term. Miam miam.

Languages were never really a thing for me until I decided to take Spanish at GCSE. Since then, it’s been a growing passion that has led to me making languages my business.

Lindsay Does Languages was born in 2012 as a local company in the heart of little old England offering private language tuition. I taught individuals, then groups, then corporate groups, then school groups, until finally, I found my niche teaching online via Skype. Since then, Lindsay Does Languages has evolved to offering coaching packages and online courses both for language learners and online language tutors.

But that’s not enough! For me, a big part of my job is inspiring others to teach themselves languages. Whether that be in a lesson with me when I’m in your home, a class on Skype when I’m in my home, or a blog or video you enjoy when I’m doing absolutely anything miles from you, I want you to know that it’s possible for you to learn a language. Go team!

So stay a while, put your feet up, take a look around, enjoy.
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Think you’ve seen me before?

Here’s where I’ve featured across the web.


MK Digital Awards 2016 – won Gold Award for Blog and Gold Award for Use of Social Media for Business. Read more here and here.
MK Digital Awards 2015 – won Gold Award for Blog, Silver Award for Use of Social Media for Business and Bronze Award for Use of Video for Business. Read more here and here.
Bab.la Top 25 Language YouTubers 2016made the list for my YouTube channel in 2016.
Bab.la Top 25 Language YouTubers 2015made the list for my YouTube channel in 2015.
Bab.la Top 100 Language Lovers 2015 – made the Top 100 Language Lovers list with the blog in 2015 too.
Bab.la Top 25 Language Learning Blogs 2014came 24th in the list after just 3 months blogging in 2014.

Press + language companies

The Guardian – invited to write the article ‘Top 10 podcasts to help you learn a language‘ in February 2015. Also participated in a collaborative blog about mistakes to avoid when learning French.
italkiblogged my way through the italki World Cup Language Challenge 2014 both here and on the italki blog.
Transparent Language – wrote a post about learning multiple languages at the same time inspired by this one.
FluentU – featured on their lists ‘The 14 Best Polyglot YouTube Channels to Inspire Your Language Learning’ in 2015, and ’37 Amazing Polyglots Who Are Happy To Show You How They Do It’.
Eurotalk – featured on their list ‘6 great language learning blogs to visit in 2015’.
Lingua.ly – Meredith wrote a guest post for Lindsay Does Languages about Arabic, and I was invited to write about love expressions in French!
FlashSticks – invited to guest blog for FlashSticks in 2014 about language learning and travel. More recently, I wrote about how language learning skills transfer to real life.
uTandem – wrote a guest post on the uTandem blog in April 2016. I wrote about 6 Things I’ve Learnt from Language Exchange.
Duolir – exchanged guest posts with Duolir in June 2015. I wrote about reading in foreign languages on their blog.
Speaky – asked to guest blog at Speaky about language exchange.
Language Reach – exchanged guest posts with Language Reach in June 2015. I shared some translation mistakes on their blog.
Beroomers – interviewed on their blog in January 2016.
Take Lessons – quoted in the article ‘10 Hilarious Frustrations Every Bilingual Can Relate To’ in August 2015.
The Tutor Website – featured in the post ‘Entrepreneurship in Schools – Private Tutors Have Their Say’ in 2014.

Beyond Bylines – featured in the post ‘Blog Profiles: Language Learning Blogs’ in September 2016.


Academia de ingl├ęs en Granada KSE Academy – I wrote a guest post called 14 Phrasal Verbs Expressed as GIFs in November 2015. It’s pretty fun!
ESL Authority – Quincy interviewed me about teaching online in October 2016.
Eurolinguiste – I exchanged guest posts with Shannon Kennedy of Eurolinguiste in February 2015. On her blog, I shared a little insight into my daily routine as a language learner.
Fluent in 3 Months – wrote about one of my favourite topics to teach, English phrasal verbs, on Fluent In 3 Months in August 2016.
The Intrepid Guide – Featured alongside fellow language learners as part of this post of tips for language learning in 2017.
The Linguist: The LingQ Blog – I was interviewed by Steve Kauffman from LingQ about language learning in education in August 2016.
The Mezzofanti Guild – Having recently started Japanese, I wrote about languages with different scripts over here.


Creative Language Learning Podcast – Kerstin Cable who runs Fluent Language invited me onto episode 8 of her podcast as a co-host in October 2014. I’ve since become a regular on the podcast! All episodes can be found here.
Actual Fluency – I was invited to appear on episode 8 of the Actual Fluency podcast with Kris Broholm in spring 2014 and appeared on the show again in February 2016 to discuss the business side of languages.
The Aussie English Podcast – Invited to share language learning tips and compare Australian and British English on the Aussie English Podcast in December 2016. The video version of the interview is here.
Bilingual Avenue – Marianna Du Bosq invited me onto episode 93 of her podcast to talk about tools parents can use to encourage their children to learn languages.
Lingua Materna – It was a pleasure to speak with James Granahan at Lingua Materna about language learning on social media in January 2017.
Mango Languages – I was invited onto the Mango Languages podcast to discuss language learning in spring 2016.
– featured with language learning tips on this episode of The Modern Mann podcast in 2017.
My Polyglot – Jimmy Mello invited me onto My Polyglot in August 2015. What’s different about this one? The podcast was recorded in Spanish! You can listen right here!


Find Your Love In Japan – spoke with Nobita in January 2017 about the excuse of being too busy to learn a language.
Sprachheld – interviewed by Gabriel from Sprachheld about tips for better language learning in February 2017.