Language Learner Wishlist for 2018

New year is a great time to treat yourself. After the Christmas rush of getting gifts for everyone else in your life, it’s easy to forget yourself in all the madness. With that in mind, here are some great ideas to do just that and start 2018 as you intend to go on. Enjoy the 2018 Language Learner Wishlist!

There's never a bad time to treat yo'self. With that in mind, here are some great ideas to do just that and start 2018 as you intend to go on. Click through to read the 2018 Language Learner Wishlist including the new Lindsay Does Languages Notebook Collection!

The Solo Language Learner Planner

Who doesn’t love a good planner? Whether you prefer your planning digital or on paper, The Solo Language Learner Planner is ready for both.

And what makes it great is that it’s not just “a planner”, it’s a planner designed specifically with language learners in mind – designed by me in fact, a language learner!

To learn more + get your planner, click here.


There’s a little part of me that wishes it was obligatory to use a Chatterbags bag. Partly because my “handbag”/regular bag that I use all the time is always a tote bag.

And partly because I’d love a world in which we all wear our languages on our sleeve…or bag.

With Chatterbags, you can tick the languages you speak on your bag and who knows, you may just bump into someone on your daily journeys around your hometown who happens to start chatting to you in one of the languages!

Such a great idea!

Grab your Chatterbag right here.

Irregular Endings

If you’re a sucker for stationary, then lock your purse now as I introduce you to Irregular Endings.

From calendars to greetings cards and more, Irregular Endings is a cute Australian company with a keen eye for good design. Oh, and they just so happen to use lots of language in said designs. So, you know, double whammy.

Click here to explore what Irregular Endings have to offer.

Chatterbox Language Lessons

I LOVE this so much ever since I came across Chatterbox on Instagram.

Chatterbox is a great company started by Mursal Hedayat, who arrived in the UK as a refugee from Afghanistan. They offer language lessons in an awesome range of languages, taught by trained refugee tutors, so you know your language lessons are making a real impact in helping refugees in the UK into employment.

And the good news is that even though they’re based in London for the face-to-face lessons, they also offer online tuition. Yay!

Click here to learn more and book a Chatterbox lesson.

Glossika Subscription

Glossika recently changed their style + you can now get a monthly subscription for access to e–v-e-r-y language they offer. And we’re not just talking French, German and Spanish here. Glossika have courses in languages as diverse as Indonesian, Armenian, and Manx.

I’ve used Glossika in the past for Indonesian and Korean and it’s a great resource that’s super versatile. For more on how you can use it, check this post here. Know though that this review hasn’t yet been updated, so it’s designed for how to use the old version of Glossika. The new one is bound to offer even more!

And if you’re ready to treat yo’self to Glossika this year, click here.

italki credits

If you haven’t yet jumped aboard the italki train, now is as good a time as any.

I find it’s consistently the easiest way to find online tutors, especially for languages that I can’t find elsewhere, such as Guarani.

If you’ve got some cash lying around from Christmas from that awkward uncle that you only see once a year so he doesn’t really know what to get you, then pop it in your account and book your first italki session to get chatting!
Click here to sign up for italki.

LanguagePod101 Subscription

I love the content from LanguagePod101 and the variety of languages. I’ve used this for Japanese, Korean and Indonesian and it’s always been useful.

With audio lessons, video lessons, worksheets and more, it’s a well-rounded resource that guides you but also gives you freedom to teach yourself as you wish.

If teaching yourself is kinda scary, then take a look at this blog post to learn how I used JapanesePod101 throughout the day when learning Japanese.

And like I said, variety of languages! Woop! Here’s all the languages available:

Afrikaans, Arabic, Cantonese, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese


FluentU is a great video resource that takes videos from YouTube + creates activities to help you learn from them.

It’s available in Chinese, Spanish, French, English, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, and Russian. A worthy addition if you enjoy learning in a more casual way.

Click here for my review of FluentU.

Writing Systems Poster

Make some space on your wall because this exists. If 2018 is the year you get into a language that uses a different script to yours, or you’re just waaaay curious about writing systems across the world, this is your new eye candy.

Georgie’s Mingin Medicine

I was delighted to find quite a few translations of Roald Dahl books into Scots! The title of this one in particular caught my attention.

And no before you ask, I’m not learning Scots. But although the debate is constanty out about the usefulness of “reading Harry Potter in another language”, reading something you’re familiar with in the language you’re learning can be a great connection to ease into it when you’re getting started reading longer texts.

Have a look around and see what you can find for the language you’re learning – you might just be surprised!

Dent’s Modern Tribes: The Secret Languages of Britain

If you live in the UK chances are you know who Susie Dent is, even if you think you don’t – she’s the one in Dictionary Corner on Countdown!

When I spotted Dent’s Modern Tribes on Amazon recently, I added it right to my list for books to get when we return home from our trip.

Susie Dent is probably up there with David Crystal as some of my language heroes. For most people, their dream is meeting BeyoncĂ©. For me, it’s Dent and Crystal.

Brand new shiny language notebook!

Woohoo! I’m SO excited to announce an all-new range of notebooks designed by yours truly!

There are three designs to choose from: A Case of The Cases, I’d Rather Be Learning Languages, and This Is How I Language.

Having a good notebook that you can use to keep track of everything, get creative with your own practice, and actually want to use is a huge advantage to language learning.

If you missed out on the Paperchase January sales, I’ve got you covered.

You can choose between spiral notebook (if you’re an all-the-way-to-the-margin type) or hardback journal (if you’re a the-hardback-cover-makes-it-the-real-deal type).

And not only that, but the notebooks are perfect for any language, even practising different scripts because you can choose between blank, ruled or graph pages on the inside. (Although only between ruled and graph on the spiral bound version for now!)

All you have to decide now is your favourite from the three designs below.

There's never a bad time to treat yo'self. With that in mind, here are some great ideas to do just that and start 2018 as you intend to go on. Click through to read the 2018 Language Learner Wishlist including the new Lindsay Does Languages Notebook Collection!

You like the green one? You’ve got A Case of The Cases.

Prefer the yellow one? You’d Rather Be Learning Languages.

Pink one your favourite? Go show everyone that This Is How You Language.

What’s on your language learning wishlist this year? Which is your favourite notebook design? Share in the comments below!

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