Language Learning Goals: Clear The List – December 2016

Welcome to December’s Clear The List! Hosted by myself and Shannon of Eurolinguiste, we share our monthly goals and encourage you to do the same. Check the bottom of this post for more info on how to join in.

Clear The List is your monthly chance to check in on your language learning and life goals. Click through to read mine for December 2016 and download your free planner! >>

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Clear The List is your monthly chance to check in on your language learning and life goals. Click through to read mine for December 2016 and download your free planner! >>

Language Learning Review for november


November was my month to get back on track after crazy busy life stuff. Crazy busy life stuff like this:


Yup, we got married!

Aaaaand, sidenote, I have to explain about my dress. The dress you see above is dress number FOUR. I didn’t want to be put on a little podium and poked and measured in a bridal shop. That sounded like hell to me. I also didn’t want to leave it to the last minute as I knew it was something easy to get stressed about.

I found a dress I loved. I bought it. It sucked. I sent it back.

I found another, I liked it. It looked pretty good. I was happy.

That all happened a year ago.

Then about 8 weeks before the wedding, I tried on dress number two. It didn’t look as good as I remembered. Shock shock horror!

I frantically began a manic wedding dress hunt 8 weeks before the wedding. Breathe….breathe.

Dress number 3 was be-au-ti-ful….in the photos. I sent it back.

Then I found dress number 4 – the one you see above. It’s a custom fabric dress with a quote of my choice in the font of my choice.

I picked the monologue from the start of Amélie. The monologue contains the word “spermatozoid”. I took a risk that said word would end up under the armpit, or in the ruffles. Where did it end up? Slap back in the middle of my dress. Yup. Ha!

It might sound like an absolute nightmare, but to be honest, I was so happy to have a story about the dress and people didn’t notice anyway unless I told them (and I told a lot of people because I thought it was hilarious!)

Anyway, back to Indonesian. How did it go in November? Let’s look at what I said I’d do…

Complete Indonesian – I wanted to be up to the end of chapter 8 by the end of November. I’m on track to finish that this week.

IndonesianPod101 – I wanted to finish the Absolute Beginner series. I didn’t do this at all!

HelloTalk – I wanted to get back into the daily habit of checking and replying to messages. I didn’t really do this much.

Memrise – I wanted to get to at least 500 words. At the time of posting, I’m at 512. Woohoo!

Language Learning Goals for December


I’m planning to keep up with Indonesian into the new year, probably until around February/March time. This means I’ll be focusing on Indonesian for a little while, which is really unusual for me to stick with one language at one time!

Complete Indonesian – By the end of December, I’ll be at the end of Unit 12.

IndonesianPod101 – I’m going to finish the Absolute Beginner series.

HelloTalk – Same goal as last month – Get back into the daily habit of checking and replying to messages. I also want to send messages at least weekly to try out what I learn.

Memrise – Following my goal of 5 new words a day, I’ll reach 680 words in total. But hey, there’s going to be lots of chilling out in December over the Christmas period so I’m upping that goal to 700. Woo!

italki – I’ve got my first Indonesian italki lesson booked for this Friday. Yay! If it goes well, I’ll purchase a 10 lesson package and have one lesson each week with my new tutor.

Video Update

I recently sat down with my friend Fiel, who speaks fluent Indonesian, to see how long I could speak Indonesian only. Check out the results below…

You can read more about Fiel over at Between 3 Worlds.

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  • Tiia M

    Hi! Your learning goal post really made my day today, as I was feeling a bit aimless with everything, and then this got me all eager to make plans for next month as well! So thank you <3 In December I'm in as well!

    Good luck with your goals! I especially hope your italki sessions turn out good 🙂

  • Yay Lindsay! The dress story is hilarious. I too have been meaning to get back on HelloTalk, but – meh. I know you get it. Have a great month of learning!

  • Katie Harris

    Hi Lindsay. Congratulations on getting hitched! You looked lovely, spermatozoid and all 😉 That’s really impressive that you can converse so well in Indonesian after such little speaking practice (and after only a few months). Very inspiring as always! Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to seeing your progress over the next few months.

  • Angel – French Lover

    HI Lindsay!
    Congrats on your wedding, your super lovely dress (featuring an impressive piece of French culture ;-)) and your Indonesian skills.
    All the best for December 🙂

  • I’m always amazed looking at your goals – I can’t ever keep up. I’m just not a goal setter with the languages, unless a goal of “engaging sorta 15-30 or maybe 60 minutes 3 times a week” counts? I’ve started a bullet journal and am working on making the most useful language learning log EVAH.

    • That counts! I think the thing is knowing yourself on a personal level and then knowing what type of goals will work for you. 😉

  • Gareth

    Sounding great, Lindsay. It just freaks me out hearing Fiel speak Indonesian, ho, ho, ho….

    • Haha! I can’t believe you went to Yogya to learn! We need to chat about that soon! 😀

    • I just saw this.

      Does it really? haha. I’m honored!

  • Kelly

    Congrats on your wedding and what a unique dress! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen Amelie, it’s one of my all time faves! Excited to participate in clear the list!

    • Thank you! Ditto on Amelie! 😉 I went to the café in Paris earlier this year and it was so cute! 😀

  • negringa

    I immediately noticed spermatozoid in this pic hahaha, love it! Your first dance looked like lots of fun, wishing you many years of continued silliness and happiness 🙂

    I appreciate that you post the goals that you didn’t meet. It helps give some perspective that we don’t always do what we set out to do at the beginning of the month, and that’s OK as long as we celebrate the progress that we make 😀


    • Hi Tamara! Haha – I figured that’s why I should explain the story – I know that I notice it so I guessed it would stand out to others too!! Ha! :p YES! The first dance was SO FUN!!

      Absolutely, it’s so worth addressing all the goals we set, whether we get them done as we wanted or not. 🙂