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Language Learning Review for june


I planned to finish Colloquial Korean audio by the end of the month. Although I’ve made progress on this front, it hasn’t quite happened.

One of the big things that occupied my month when it comes to Korean is distilling my notebook. I wrote about this on the blog this month.

I’ve found that now it’s done, I’m feeling revived with my enthusiasm for Korean. Hooray!


Japanese is my pleasure language right now. I think when you’re learning multiple languages, they have to be different in the sense of how you study them.

With Japanese, the pressure is off and I’ve just been enjoying working through Teach Yourself Japanese without worrying about remembering everything I’ve read to perfection. It’s refreshing.


This happened! I finished Esperanto on Duolingo. I even wrote all about it here on the blog.

I’ve enjoyed having a casual activity that’s been language related given how slow progress is with Korean and Japanese in comparison.

I’m still keeping up my streak with daily reviews so it’s not completely escaped my life just yet.


I finished the Assimil Course Book by doing one lesson every weekday (or multiple ones if I missed a day or two!).

Although I wasn’t making much effort with it, I do feel that my Chinese has been ever so slightly refreshed, which is what I was after. I might go through the course again soon. We’ll see!

Language Learning Goals for july


I haven’t had a lesson with a tutor for a couple of months. Instead I’ve been using that time to gain some more knowledge and build my vocabulary on my own before spending money on a tutor again.

However, it’s very easy to not go back to a tutor once your italki package has run out. So in July I’m setting myself a goal. I’m going to book and have 2 sessions with 2 different tutors in July. Time to check in and see how my speaking is coming on. Woohoo!


I’m keeping my Japanese rolling along casually in July with a chapter (or two!) from Teach Yourself Japanese each week.

Why ‘or two’? Because I’ll be going to Montreal for the North American Polyglot Symposium for a week and am likely to get off plan at that time.

I know that this risks derailing me if I don’t plan ahead appropriately for it. So, that’s exactly what I’m doing!


Woo! New language! I’m jigging excitedly over here.

In August, I’m going to Iceland for the first time with Ashley.

On the one hand, I’m really excited! It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, I can’t wait to dip my toes in the Blue Lagoon, and, duh, I get to explore a new language face-to-face. Yes!

On the other hand, I’m running my first half-marathon while we’re there. Eeek!

In order to not lose my head at that thought, I’m focusing on the language thing right now.

I was going to join in the NAPS Linguathon over the last weekend in June. But, you know, Brexit happened.

Instead, I dedicated as much of the first weekend in July (aka, the weekend just gone!) to learning some basic Icelandic. (Updates coming soon!)

I’ve found Icelandic Online and this Memrise course that I’ve going to use to get to grips with the basics of the language.


Because I still have plenty of work to do on Duolingo to get a fully gold screen.

I’m going to keep my streak and do at least one lesson refresher each day in July.

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  • I started esperanto a while ago on a whim. This is making me want to take it up again! And also reminding me that I should really practice my Duolingo more often.

    • Awesome! It’s quite handy when you have a couple of minutes here and there throughout the day 🙂

  • Christine

    I love how it sounds like you’re just having loads of fun learning new languages. Such a refreshing approach to study and language learning.

    • Aww, thank you! Yes, I’m glad that comes across – that’s exactly how I feel! 😀

  • Dorothée

    Gangi þér vel with your Icelandic learning! Hope you’ll post some photos of your trip there!

  • Awesome luck with Icelandic this month! That sounds like so much fun.