Language Learning Goals: Clear The List – July 2017

Welcome to July’s #ClearTheList! This month, it’s all about Guaraní…and Terrace House…

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Something a little bit different for July’s Instagram Language Challenge! It’s going to be especially fun if you’re not travelling anywhere this summer. Use the country prompts to learn country or language names in the language you’re learning.

Oooorrr…(+ this is my favourite one) use them to learn something about languages spoken in those countries + share something that you learn – it could be some words or phrases, it could be a fact. Your call. Either way, I’m looking forward to this one!

To learn more about how to join in, click here. It’s totally free + you get to learn a little language each day. Woop!

Clear The List is your monthly chance to check in on your language learning and life goals. Click through to read mine for July 2017 and download your free planner! >>

Language Learning Review for June


I did my presentation in Slovak at the Polyglot Gathering, despite forgetting to take my notes up and therefore forgetting half of the thing! Hooray!

So that’s it with Slovak now, and probably it with Slavic languages for a while I imagine too, but hey, who knows.


Still fun.

45 minutes of study Mon – Thurs – Mostly happened. The reason I said 45 minutes instead of 1 hour was to allow me some “dabble time” with other languages. To be honest, this dabble time didn’t happen much as I was often so engrossed with Guaraní.

There were some mornings when I was actually doing extra little bits of work ready for the re-launch of Successful Self-Study, in which case neither Guarani nor other languages got learnt. Boo! That should calm down in July.

1 hour italki each weekend – This didn’t happen! So my italki tutor messaged to say he can’t do weekends anymore, I asked if he could do week days and I’m still waiting for a reply. Sucks because it’s slowing my progress slightly.

Duolingo via Spanish – This more or less happened. I missed one or two days since being back on my Duolingo so don’t have a full streak but I’m back to not having to refresh old stuff meaning I actually keep learning new stuff again now, which wasn’t the case when I got back from two weeks in Slovakia!

My Song! – This happened. Still don’t know entirely what he’s singing but still love it.

Wikipedia – This happened. I’m really enjoying using Wikipedia on my phone as my go to “I have like 5 seconds free to learn a language” resource. Normally it would be Memrise, but as I’m focusing on Duolingo right now and Duolingo doesn’t save results, this is proving a better go-to for moments when you don’t know how long you’ve got, eg, waiting in a queue.

Language Reading Challenge

I loved reading Shannon’s book and Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less.

I even managed to start a new book this month called Find A Way by Diana Nyad, which is about her journey swimming between Cuba and Florida. So far so good.

Language Learning Goals for July


Same old, same old!

I actually have no new specific plans with Guarani this month other than to keep going.

It’s going to be a busy couple of months as we’ve only got about 8 weeks until we leave for our trip (more on that in a moment) and, naturally, there’s loads of stuff to do before we go, so I’m not putting too much pressure on Guarani as well.

But I will be keeping up and aiming for my hour a day Monday to Friday.

One thing I have started to use with more ernest is this free Peace Corps coursebook that’s proving surprisingly useful to consolidate and go further with what I’m doing on Duolingo.

I tried to find a language exchange partner too but no luck, and as it’s not a great time to be starting a new regular meeting, I figured it’s not worth pursuing too much right now.

It’s very weird for me to have such vague plans for a language, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes!


So..something has happened. I’m going to tell you because I hope you can relate. Have you seen Terrace House?

Oh my. It’s glorious.

At the time of writing, I’m almost at the end of Terrace House Boys X Girls In The City, but I couldn’t find a trailer and this new series set in Hawaii exists too…

I grew up watching Big Brother every summer and, yes, not ashamed to admit that I actually watched it (until it moved to Channel 5, because, I mean, no Davina? No thanks.)

But I’d never really thought about reality TV for language learning. And it’s so useful.

I’m learning lots about Japanese culture, especially things about dating, attitudes to work, and co-habiting. It’s really interesting. It may be a blog post. Watch this space.

So this isn’t so much a goal, more a note that I’m refreshing some older, weaker languages with TV right now, especially Japanese with Terrace House.

Language Reading Challenge

I’m finishing Find A Way and will also finish The Emoji Code this month, both of which I got from the library the same day a few weeks back.

The topic for Shannon’s Language Reading Challenge over at Eurolinguiste this month is ‘History of the region, culture, or language that you’re studying. Well, I’m reading a heck of a lot of travel guides right now so I’m pretty sure that counts on that front!

Trip Update

Not too many updates on the route this time round, just practical stuff happening.

We have our first injection appointment at the start of July (and have to go about half an hour away for it because we couldn’t get a closer appointment! The perils of leaving in summertime when everyone else goes away and needs jabbing in the arms!).

My Amazon basket is full of things I may or may not need to buy before we go (but to be honest, mostly stuff I definitely absolutely must buy).

We also had the chance to catch up with a friend this past month who has spent the best part of a year in South America. Most stories about people she met ended with “…they were nice people. Oh yeah, they got robbed too.”. So that’s fun.

And like I said, still lots of reading fun stuff about places, and our home is littered with travel guides in every room right now. So that’s a bit more fun.

In other news…

One of the reasons I’m not being to clear with my language goals this month is that I just re-opened the doors to Successful Self-Study! Woop!

After opening up the Online Teaching Starter Kit earlier this year (keep your eyes peeled over the coming months if you want in by the way), I was super inspired to pretty much completely overhaul Successful Self-Study. So I did.

You can join this week and get access to some pretty rocking bonuses, which include 6 live Group Coaching Calls with me and your fellow language learners on the course, a Habit Tracker, and a Study Buddy Match-Up to pair you up with a long-term friend to support each other through your language learning.

If you’re interested, click the image below for more info and to enroll before the bonuses disappear (2.7.17).

Clear The List is your monthly chance to check in on your language learning and life goals. Click through to read mine for July 2017 and download your free planner! >>

Video Update

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I’m Lindsay and I do Languages. I blog, vlog and teach all things language. I blog about languages right here at Lindsay Does Languages, and about travel over at Mundo Trundle. If you’re looking for language learning inspiration then stay a while. You might find just what you’re looking for. :)

  • I love this month’s prompts for #IGLC, looking forward to taking part and finding out interesting stuff in the community.
    Hope you go ahead and write the post about Terrace House & Japanese culture, I’d love to read that. Good luck with your goals for July!

  • Hi Lindsay! I’ve been reading your bog off and on for years, but this is probably my first comment. 🙂 Congrats on your presentation in Slovak! That seems like a really cool language.

    Totally with you on reality tv. I’m a huge proponent of using it for study. It’s the best of both worlds: guilty pleasure + language learning… plus, you can often find the shows easily on YouTube.

    There’s an interesting Ukrainian show where 2 people are sent to a random city (Seattle, Vienna, Quito, etc) for the weekend. One person has an unlimited budget while the other has to get by on $100. Even if some scenes are scripted, it’s still really useful to hear someone “thinking” out loud. That said, I have to admit I like the trashy dating shows the most, haha.

    • Hey Katherine! 🙂 Oooo that Ukrainian show sounds amazing! I think it would be really cool to see a show where people are put into a house but no one speaks the same language…!

  • What do you think about The Emoji Code? I’ve been thinking about this idea of writing and expressing everything with only emojis, I didn’t know such a book existed!

    • It’s interesting! Just near the start right now. There’s a whole book I think it’s Moby Dick (and maybe more now) that’s been published completely in emoji! Actually I think it’s called Emoji Dick!! Ha! 😉

  • Angel – French Lover

    Hey Lindsay

    The Japanese show sounds awesome. How cool is it that we can relax in front of a show and still feel productive because it refreshes our languages?
    I also have the “Rest” book on my reading list. Really looking forward to reading it.

    Good luck with the vaccination and trip preparation.
    I wish you a great July!

  • No! But I’ve heard so much about it I’m surprised I haven’t seen it over the years. I will hunt it down one of these days! 😉

  • I think I might join in on #IGLC. I haven’t really utilised this social media channel for language learning yet! Gosh injections I tend to faint before the needle goes near my arm! Safe travels.

  • Wait… you did your presentation IN Slovak? How did I miss that was what you are doing. Holy cow Lindsay that’s amazing!

    • Oh no, not my main presentation! We had to do a small presentation in the language – but at the same time as other talks so not too many people watching, thankfully! Ha!

  • Tiia M

    Exciting, how close your trip is getting! Time flies! I hope you can figure out the schedule with your italki tutor. I’ve just signed up on italki myself and have my first Swedish session tomorrow!
    It’s intetresting what you’ve been doing on instagram this month, the italki challenge, what is it all about?
    Best of luck for the rest of July!

    • Thanks Tiia! Yeah, it’s crazy close now…! The italki challenge is just to take a certain number of lessons with at least one from a list than means they’ll then donate to Wikitongues. But I decided to take 12 in new languages because…why not! Ha! (I decided after I wrote this post though!)