Language Learning Goals: Clear The List October 2016

Welcome to October’s Clear The List! Hosted by myself and Shannon of Eurolinguiste, we share our monthly goals and encourage you to do the same. Check the bottom of this post for more info on how to join in.

Clear The List is your monthly chance to check in on your language learning and life goals. Click through to read mine for October 2016 and download your free planner! >>

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Before we get started, it’s a new month, which means a new planner!

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Need a little accountability? Join the Instagram Language Challenge for October. This month is a super exciting one because it’s dead simple: a video a day practising your language. What you say, how you use the prompt, all completely up to you. Woop!

Clear The List is your monthly chance to check in on your language learning and life goals. Click through to read mine for October 2016 and download your free planner! >>

Language Learning Review for september

Indonesian only (ish!)

I’m so happy with my Indonesian so far.

Things petered out towards the end of the month (I’ll explain why a little further down this post!) but I knew this would happen so it’s all good.

A couple of weeks into learning Indonesian, I had a surprise too! My friend Fiel, who I met at the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin came to the UK and popped up to Milton Keynes for the day to make an (upcoming!) video together. Seeing as the camera was out, I roped him in to speak with me completely in Indonesian in I guess what I’ve just realised was my first Indonesian conversation.

See how I did in the video!


This kind of happened. I stuck with my plan to become more familiar with the alphabet using the #IGLC. Buuuut, I decided to stop Russian on Duolingo to focus on Indonesian after about 3 weeks.

Focus is good.


This kind of happened too. The same thing that happened with Russian happened with Korean. You’ll see why I had to drop these for now below…

Language Learning Goals for october

pretty much nada


I know, right! This is very strange for me not to set myself a language learning goal for a month. But I have good reason…

I’m getting married this month!

Yup. At the end of October, me and Ashley are getting married and so, unsurprisingly, this month is going to be a little busy.

Although most things are all set, I don’t want to stress myself out or overwhelm myself by adding a language goal in the mix.

That said, I will be revising everything I’ve learnt so far in Indonesian before getting back into the swing of things in November.

As well as that, we’re going on a “minimoon”(!) to Amsterdam. So there’ll be some travel Dutch thrown in somewhere along the way, but nothing too serious.

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Oh and because the updated (and now huge!) monthly planner got such great feedback in September, I’ve made this digital for you this month. So if you’re going paper-free, you don’t even need to print it!

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  • Angel – French Lover

    Hey congratulations on getting married! youhou I hope you’ll show us the pictures πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Angel! I might share a couple, yes! πŸ˜›

      • Angel – French Lover

        Awesome πŸ™‚ Looking forwards to that πŸ™‚

  • DorothΓ©e

    Congrats for your Indonesian and your upcoming wedding!!

  • Enjoy your month off and have an ah-mazing wedding! I’ll be sending all sorts of good thoughts your way. <3 <3 <3

  • Thanks Lindsay, can I share weekly goals on Clear the List?

  • Happy wedding month!