Language Script Challenge: Getting Started.

Way back when I decided to commit to the Language Script Challenge, I had no plan, no real vision as to how I was going to do it. As you may have sensed, this week is all about positive goal setting and doing stuff to get stuff done. Change the word ‘stuff’ to your preferred profanity if desired.

One of my real goals for this year is the Language Script Challenge, which I’m discussing in today’s video. I’ve now put together a rough schedule for the challenge, which looks a little like this…2015 language script challenge study schedule lindsay does languages blog
Of course, this is definitely subject to change and although I have already planned for an empty September, October, and December due to my final university exams and Christmas, I’m pretty open to the idea of swapping things around and fitting the challenge around my life when necessary. Flexibility is good. So is yoga. …and breathe.

I’ve decided to upload monthly update videos on the challenge as well as regular social media bits and bobs especially on Instagram, so be sure to come and say hey to find out what’s going on in the in between times. Speaking of Instagram, are you joining in with #IGLC? Just take a picture of one thing each day inspired by the topic for each day (which you can see in the sidebar!) and find a new word in a language you’re learning. Have a little looksee here for more info. Fun times! As for today, enjoy my first video of 2015!

What are your language plans for 2015? Also, what do you think to this style of video? It’s a little different to before as I now have somewhere to sit and chat to you! I’ll still be doing some green screen (white background and little pictures!) videos but I think this format works for this sort of update video. What do you think though? Let me know in the comments! Your feedback is really valued.

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  1. Great post and amazing goals for the year. I’m inspired 🙂 Personally, I will be focused on my modern Greek reading and writing, and then starting a new language (German!) best wishes.

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