My Favourite Resource to Learn French Online

If there’s something I take for granted when it comes to language learning, it’s speaking French. It was the first foreign language I was exposed to as a child and the one that just kind of happened.

This means that when people ask me what they can use to learn French, I’m never quite sure exactly what to recommend. Now I have a new favourite thing to answer that question. Let’s talk about Frantastique.

I've found my favourite resource to learn French online. Click through to read more.

Do you want to speak French?

Here’s the thing: you already do.

There’s always something that you’ve picked up from being in a French-speaking country, watching a French film, or going to a French restaurant. That’s the same for pretty much every language.

So, why is this rarely accounted for in resources for beginners?

This is the first reason I was intrigued by Frantastique. They understand that you’re probably more likely to be learning French almost from scratch.

BUT, you may have just read that and thought, “Heck no! I’m most definitely a beginner! I. know. nothing.” Don’t worry. There’s also the option of activating low level mode.

Wait a minute though, now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty. Let’s backtrack.

What is Frantastique?

Frantastique is an online learning platform available on a monthly subscription basis. The longer the subscription you commit to, the cheaper the monthly payment. Yay!

You get access to daily lessons including a video story, questions related to that video with clickable answers, grammar that you don’t even realise you’re doing, and a short clip from French popular culture using what you’ve learnt in the video.

Then you click ‘send’ and your answers are whisked off to be marked and returned to you in time to get started with the next lesson.

The videos are fun animations and you can choose between ‘spicy’ and ‘non-spicy’ mode (aka swearing and naughty words or not!) so Frantastique is even suitable for children.

The thing that really struck me though when I first tested Frantastique is how it’s pretty much what I would have loved to create myself.

If I created a French course, this is what I’d want it to look like.

So while I’m busy creating other courses, those of you that have requested French courses can sign up to Frantastique and have so much fun learning French in a way that I can’t praise enough.

Why is Frantastique different?

The first lesson teaches you how to ask people their name and tell them your own. As you may expect.

How do they teach this?

Aliens are deciding who to defrost out of Napoléon, Édith Piaf, Marie Antoinette, Michael Jackson, and Victor Hugo.

I can’t say I’ve ever come across anything quite this fun and tongue-in-cheek yet just as useful and educational.


Frantastique have very kindly offered readers of Lindsay Does Languages (that’s you!) one month to try it out completely free with no obligation to buy or direct debit or anything nasty like that.

Take advantage of your free month by clicking the button below.


Are you new to learning French? I’ve put together this handy 1-page guide called Getting to Grips in French for you to download (for free – say what?!). Click the image below to get it in your inbox in minutes.

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Have you used Frantastique? What do you think? Why do you want to learn French? Share in the comments!

Legal stuff: if you do decide to keep learning with Frantastique, this is an affiliate link which means that I will be paid a commission for recommending Frantastique to you. However, rest assured I will only ever recommend products and services that I truly believe to be useful to your language learning.

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