Practising 8 languages in 30 minutes with Tandem

The more languages you learn, the more you want to learn languages. The more languages you learn, the less time you have to learn other languages. URGH. The struggle is real.

I’m always looking for ways to get some practise in for those lesser studied languages that are slowly fading in my busy brain. When Tandem got in touch, I thought this was a great excuse to pull these languages back out of the rafters of my head and see just how effective 30 minutes of study could be.

Fancy seeing how many languages you can learn in 30 minutes? Try the Tandem Challenge. Click through to download your free checklist to get you started!

What is tandem?

Tandem is a language exchange app, which connects to Facebook. When you sign up, your profile exists after just one click. This is an awesome feature. After all, who wants to waste time rewriting another social media profile on another platform? Certainly not me.

The other major thing I love about Tandem is the “lets talk about…” feature. Finding an interesting language exchange that goes beyond ‘hi. How are you?’ can be tough. Tandem basically gives you this and skips the small talk. Yay!

The Tandem Challenge

For the video, I wanted to do something more than show you the app. I wanted to show you what it can do and how you can use it for refreshing all your languages. So I set out to practise all 8 languages I’ve studied to some level in the past (some in the distant past). 

It was ridiculously fun. I was absolutely buzzing when I finished and the 30 minutes was some of the most intense language learning I’ve done recently. 

If you have lots of languages you don’t want to turn to mush, try it yourself. Set a timer, get a list of languages you want to practise and log onto Tandem. You might be surprised at just how much you can do in so little time.

You can download Tandem for free for iOS devices right here.

Your Free Checklist!

To get you started, I’ve created a blank checklist for you to use for your very own Tandem Challenge. Click the image below to get that (and to get access to our growing library of language learning resources). Enjoy!

Share your stories with me and Tandem on Twitter using the hashtag #mytandemchallenge too.

I can’t wait to see how many languages you can practise in such little time!

For some inspiration, check out my 30 Minute Tandem Challenge in the video below.

Have you used Tandem? What do you think? Fancy trying the Tandem Challenge? Share in the comments!

Legal stuff: This post and the video are sponsored content. Rest assured, I only ever work with brands I love and believe to be useful for myself and other language learners (that’s you!)

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  • alysiaraine

    That looks fun! I’d like to try that! I know English and Dutch and I’m learning Japanese, German, and French. That’d be a great challenge to be able to switch from one language to another so quickly! よくできました!:)

    • Definitely give it a go! It’s some of the most intense language learning I’ve done recently! 😀

  • Eugene Gorlo

    I have tried to use tandem. How fantastic ! It’s really good app for practicing any languages! Yay!

  • TapintoLanguage

    Wow, awesome! I hadn’t thought about using the mic for typing. I’ve met some really cool language exchange partners through Tandem, such a useful app.