Interlinear Books Review

As I’ve recently confessed in my completed italki Language Challenge video, I love to read. On the one hand, this isn’t so great because I get stuck in a reading rut when I begin a new language and it’s often far too long before I actually speak to a human! On the other hand, it […]

italki Language Challenge? Complete!

After 6 weeks, 20 lessons and 3 different tutors, my italki Language Challenge is complete! Hooray! But what did I think? Was it fun? And possibly most importantly, has my German improved? Was it fun? Definitely! Finding a good tutor (or in my case, good tutors) was key to my success. Having a variety of […]

What is Language?

What is Language?

What does language mean to you? Is language a big part of your life or something you don’t really think about? Check out my latest video here, outlining my answer to the big question: what is language? [youtube] I’d love to know your thoughts on this either in the comments below or on YouTube. […]

Teach Yourself Language Books Review

Teach Yourself are probably my all-time favourite self-study books. Not only do they look pretty lined up in Waterstones, they also actually work! They’re well-structured and vary in amounts of language jargon used depending on which level you opt for. There are a variety of languages and levels available. Today, I’m only going to discuss […]

8 Things Not To Say To A Language Student (And 1 Thing To Always Say)

Because sometimes people just don’t understand why we’d want to learn languages. So, I present to you 8 things not to say to a language student… “You learn Spanish? Isn’t Pan’s Labyrinth great?” “You learn French? I just loved Amélie!”                           via I once heard a lady in a hostel say to a group […]

How To Stay Motivated Learning A Language

I figured mid-February is the perfect time to write this post. New Year has us all inspired and motivated to lose weight, stop eating ready meals and maybe even learn a language. So we order a shiny new grammar book, buy a language CD, invest in a big expensive yellow box  (I’m talking about you, […]

Using 8tracks for Music for TEFL

Using 8tracks for Music for TEFL

If you’re a language teacher, you’re probably on a constant hunt for music for TEFL you can use in your lessons. Music is great for language learning! It can be familiar, fun and sometimes very useful. But it’s not always easy for a teacher to find the right songs for teaching a particular topic. Well, […]

Love Around The World: A Valentine’s Day Special

Love Around The World: A Valentine’s Day Special

So, this Friday is Valentine’s Day. A terrible day if you’re single due to red and pink hearts being unavoidably thrust into your face. But also potentially a terrible day if you’re in a relationship due to the pressure of buying the perfect gift, arranging the perfect date and generally being perfect. No one should […]

italki Language Challenge 2014: 9 Lessons In!

Almost half way through the italki Language Challenge and I’m still alive! I haven’t been swallowed into the depths of German grammar never to return, nor have I been so overwhelmed I’m rocking back and forth in the corner. Nope. Still going, still learning and still loving it. I made a rough plan of when […]

italki Language Challenge 2014: 5 Lessons In!

Over the weekend, I finally uploaded my Public Language Challenge Pledge to YouTube for all the world to see. That’s it now, the pressure really is on! Over the weekend, I also had my fifth German lesson via Skype as part of the italki Language Challenge so I’m officially a quarter of the way there, […]