10 Génial French YouTubers to Help You Learn French

Have you come here after a little visit to YouTube to watch one cat video shared on your Facebook wall only to have spent an hour on there completely out of your will? Urgh. YouTube sucks, right? It sucks the time right out of our day, leaving us with a mere 3 minutes to cram a days worth of language learning into before we hit the hay.

Of course, as you might know, I have a YouTube channel, and I quite like it, so it’s not all bad. It’s a way to express yourself and share your thoughts freely and openly online via video. And there’s actually some pretty useful content on YouTube too. It’s not all baby monkeys riding on pigs.

Well, I want to share with you some French vloggers to add to your regular Zoella, Pointless Vlog, and Sprinkle of Glitter cycle. Some of these may require a good knowledge of French first, others might just be nice to look at for the moving pictures as you improve your French skills in the meantime. Enjoy.

Looking for some French YouTubers to make the most of the time you spend on YouTube? Here's 10 fantastique channels + a free French starter vocab guide! >>

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Norman Fait des Videos

Norman is without a doubt my favourite French YouTuber. He takes his time to make great quality content that’s entertaining, and guaranteed to give you some new slang vocab along the way. If he’s speaking too fast for you, try Les Apple Addict, which I think was one of the first I saw of his a few years ago now, and has English subtitles if you click ‘CC’.


Shortly after discovering Norman, I discovered Cyprien. Probably in the sidebar straight after watching Les Apple Addict for the first time. I then realised that while the trend in the UK tends to be for females talking to themselves in a room, in France it was all about les mecs. My favourite one doesn’t involve a wide-angle lens and a ranty topic though. Even those new to French can understand the idea behind Les Pub vs La Vie.

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Andy is a lady! There doesn’t seem to be as many big French females on YouTube but there are a handful, and Andy is one of them. Her videos often follow a ‘vs’ idea, so if you’re not feeling too confident with your French, you’ll at least get the idea. Try this one to start.


Andy is not the only lady making comedy YouTube videos. Natoo is also up there as one of the most popular French YouTubers. Natoo’s channel is a little more varied with travel vlogs, sketches, and translations of Blurred Lines. The video is a great start as it’s quite visual so you won’t need to understand every word to know what’s going on.

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Seb La Frite

Seb la Frite speaks a little slower than some others in the list I find, which is good for beginners with listening to longer audio. He also discusses music a lot, which makes him a great choice if you’re after some new French music artists to listen to. An all round good choice to get started with watching YouTube in French.

La Chaine de Jeremy

Like many other YouTubers, Jeremy asks those questions we’re either too afraid to ask and addresses those pressing issues we had no idea bugged us until we watched a video about it on YouTube. And he’s pretty good at it.

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Ok, so there are more girls than just Andy and Natoo. With lookbooks and makeup tutorials, it’s not something I would watch personally but Sananas seems a good option if you’re a fan of that kind of video.


Mais oui! Tu est jolie! Despite the sad name, Jenesuispasjolie looks to be another good girly option. Now if you’ll excuse me I must go and powder my nose. If you’re a teacher looking for videos for your teenage students, then her Draw My Life is a good place to start. Léa speaks clearly and describes her family and friends throughout the video with the visual aid of the whiteboard. Come to think of it, wouldn’t this make a great homework task for students?!

Aurélie Marau

Aurélie makes a variety of videos about beauty, cooking, hair tutorials and all sorts of stuff. Here’s a make-up video – great for learning beauty specific vocab if that’s your thing.

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Horia covers all the things you’d expect from a self-proclaimed ‘youtubeuse beauté’ – beauty, style, advice. But she’s also not afraid to have fun and poke a little fun at the bizarre world of YouTube, such as in this video.


This list wouldn’t be complete without a cooking channel. I think I’ve found the French equivalent to Barry Lewis in FastGoodCuisine. And he makes Oreos. And other things, but let’s just rewind a minute. He has a video telling you how to make Oreos. I think that’s a good place to end this list because I’m pretty sure you’re off to the kitchen now.

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Do you have a favourite French YouTuber who’s not on the list? Share in the comments below!

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Lindsay Williams always had a curiosity for language. From spotting that most of the words on Italian road signs ended in vowels to actually wanting to order the baguettes on holiday in France, the warning signs were there. It wasn’t until Shakira released Laundry Service and she asked for a Spanish dictionary for her birthday to translate the Spanish on the album that things got what might be described as serious. Since then, Lindsay has gone on to study more languages than her fingers can count, including a degree in Modern Language Studies along the way. After founding Lindsay Does Languages to inspire independent language learners to go further when doing it solo, she now hopes it’s contagious.

34 comments on “10 Génial French YouTubers to Help You Learn French

  1. Oh YouTube, I love it so much. I can pretty much say I speak French hugely thanks to it. How? Doing exactly what you describe here, watching lots and lots of French youtubers and having fun in the meantime.
    I’ve also learned so much slang, geez, it’s crazy, including some “verlan” words, which is an interesting phenomenon by the way. Why saying words properly when one can say them à l’inverse?

    From your list I regularly watch Norman’s (Have you seen his last video? Un chef-d’oeuvre) and Cyprien’s videos and I’ve seen a couple of Natoo’s ones.
    I watch many others, I remember sending you a list with pretty much all of them some months ago, but actually today I’ve been watching a similar one to the ones here called “La rire jaune”. They speak very very VERY fast, but it’s quite funny.

    I’d be curious to see what your list about Spanish-speaking youtubers would be 🙂 (You probably know many more than I do! :O)

    • I’m glad you can relate to the technique, Bea! Also I love that you’re a fellow Norman fan! 😀 I came across La Rire Jaune when researching this post but I didn’t actually get around to watching them. I’ll have to have a look!

      I’m sure the Spanish list will follow soon! 😉

  2. Have you made a post on Spanish-speaking youtubers yet? I am brand new to this blog, and loved this post! I am looking to begin learning French soon, but I am already an intermediate level Spanish speaker. I’ve looked for Spanish youtubers, but don’t know where to start! (If you already made that post and I missed it, please let me know! Thanks!)

    • Hi Sydney! Welcome! I hope you find the blog useful. 🙂

      I haven’t yet completed the Spanish YouTuber post but it’s in the making I can assure you! 😉

  3. I’m french and I don’t know the last five of the list :’)
    If you want more famous youtubers : Antoine Daniel and Mathieu Sommet, who are inspired by Ray William Jonhson, and in gaming there are Squeezie (the most famous) and Joueur du Grenier (who does some reviews of 80’s games). For fast speaking there’s Le Rire Jaune and for VERY fast speaking Minute Papillon (good luck to understand him). The most famous in makeup tutorial/DIY/routine/etc is EnjoyPhoenix, but I think she’s really annoying x) (but she speaks slowly so it can be easy to understand I think)
    If you want more french youtubers, ask me 🙂

  4. I really love the YouTube channel Antastesia. Her channel is mostly in English even though she’s a native French speaker. But she does have some videos that are completely in French which are labeled as such. Her videos are mainly lifestyle videos such as what she eats (she’s vegan), and her thoughts on various topics (she has some really interesting things to say in my opinion) as well as some vlogs when she travels to other countries.

  5. Love a Fast Good Cuisine! I use it in my classes any time we do food! He is super-nice, and the kids love the videos!

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