Language Learning Goals with #ClearTheList – August 2020

Goalers gonna goal, goal, goal, goal, goal. Goal it off. I’m listening to Taylor Swift that’s not Folklore. Can you tell? Anyway. Here’s my language learning goals for August 2020.

Goalers gonna goal, goal, goal, goal, goal. Goal it off. I'm listening to Taylor Swift that's not Folklore. Can you tell? Anyway. Here's my language learning goals for August 2020. ➔

Language Learning Review for July

General Goals

1) Keep up twice daily walks with Say Something in Manx and Talk To Me In Korean.

More or less! Exceptions include: really rainy days and days when Ash was home so we walked together. Kinda antisocial to listen to language lessons when walking with someone else, don’t you think?

2) One italki lesson in Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Guarani.

italki* lessons for Guarani, Korean, Indonesian, and Mandarin are happening this week.


1) Finish Level 1 audio lessons on Say Something in Manx

Yay! This happened!

I’ve now listened through the whole of level one a few times.

2) Make written notes on Say Something in Manx lessons not yet written up


3) Get back into Brainscape

I’ve started getting back into the Brainscape course a little but not had much time to do it thoroughly.

4) Write a page in Manx using what I know by the end of the month



1) Complete Review of Completed Lessons on TTMIK

I’ve finished Level 1 and am now beginning to review the first Level 2 lessons I had previously studied.

2) Write 30 sentences in Korean


3) Speak Korean on Instagram once a week!

I initially started thins as Stories and saving it to my Highlights, but then decided it would be easier to do an Instagram Live each week instead.

Here’s the last one…

4) One italki lesson in Korean

Booked! Happening this week!

Mandarin Chinese

1) Finish Level 2 of Beginner Conversational on YoYoChinese

I got up to the end of Level 1, and then discovered I was locked out from going higher without paying.

Learning multiple languages, you’ve got to be more conscious of spending money on individual languages when you’re learning them slower and less seriously.

So I’m going to settle for Level 1 on YoYoChinese for now.

2) Speak Chinese on Instagram once a week!

See above. Started using Instagram Live instead.

3) One italki lesson in Mandarin Chinese

Booked! Happening this week!


1) Revisit Teach Yourself Complete Indonesian

Haven’t actually got to this yet. I’ve been spending my Indonesian time on transcribing the video my tutor sent me.

2) Make a playlist of Indonesian music

Done! And I LOVE it! Take a listen…

3) Write a page in Indonesian using what I know by the end of the month


4) One italki lesson in Indonesian

Booked! Happened this week!


1) Be well into (if not finished) Unit 3 of Hablemos el Guarani

I’ve finished Unit 2 of the PDF textbook my teacher gave me.

Not too worried I’m not yet through Unit 3 as I’m really taking it slowly and extracting everything from it.

2) Write a page in Guarani using what I know by the end of the month

Not done yet but working on it this weekend!

3) One italki lesson in Guarani

Booked! Was due to happen this week, but my tutor had to cancel.

Language Learning Goals for August


1) Brainscape: Manx for Busy People.

I want to focus on learning some new Manx using Brainscape this month.

I previously worked through to ‘week seven’, only moving on when I hit 80% or higher.

My loose goal for August is to review weeks one to seven, going from 80% to at least 90% and then moving on once I hit that.

2) Write a page in Manx.

This was a really helpful goal in July, so I’m going to do this one again.

There’s a great dictionary that helps a lot here.

3) Speak Manx weekly on Instagram.

I’ve been enjoying my Speaking Practice Live videos on Instagram. They fit quite nicely usually into my Friday afternoon, so I’m going to aim to keep this up as a weekly thing. Must try and prepare some points on what to say though!


1) Talk To Me In Korean: Grammar Level 2

I’ve previously “studied” (aka, so long ago I don’t remember) Lessons 1 to 9.

My goal for August is to review these lessons and get to at least Lesson 15.

2) Tuttle: Elementary Korean

An unexpected perk of my Masters is access to a huge online library which has a surprisingly number of language books! This is one of them.

I’ve glanced through it and I think I know a lot already there, but as there’s just 15 lessons, it seems like an achievable goal to go over this in August.

My goal is to not feel like I need to read/write/copy everything in there, but rather to focus more on anything that feels newer to me.

3) Memrise: 1000 Most Common Korean Words.

I’m going to start this Memrise course in August as vocabulary is one of my weaker areas in Korean.

4) Write a page in Korean!

If I can write 30 sentences, I can basically write a page…so my goal for my Korean writing in August is to write a page.

The aim is that it’ll be something consistent, whereas the sentences I’ve been writing previously are often unrelated.

I want to use what I have already reviewed from TTMIK and what I find in the Elementary Korean book.

5) Speak Korean weekly on Instagram.

All on one long Live Video! If you want to see, you can follow me on Instagram here to catch up and watch.

Mandarin Chinese

1) Tuttle: Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters Vol. 1

Another one I have access to through my university online library!

This is apparently HSK 1, so should tie in nicely with the Memrise course listed below.

My goal is to work through one chapter a week.

2) Coffee Break Chinese Podcast

I’m going to replace my Manx audio lessons with Chinese audio!

After searching around for the right podcast for me, I think I’m going to start with Coffee Break Chinese.

My goal is at least 3 per week!

3) Memrise: HSK Level 1 Course.

I recently rediscovered this HSK 1 course I’d started years ago on Memrise.

I like how thorough it is, so I’m going to start reusing this in August.

My goal is to be on 51-75 by the end of the month.

4) Speak Mandarin weekly on Instagram.

See above!


1) Hablemos el Guarani PDF: Unit 3

I’m enjoying gradually making my way through this resource my teacher shared with me.

My goal for August is Unit 3.

2) Find some listening that I like.

Definition of “I like”:

>> it’s easy to find again and again (ie, not in an obscure corner of the internet.)

>> it’s at my level.

>> it’s enjoyable.

3) Write a page in Guarani.

And not just my 13 sentence pages! A full proper page that makes sense together. I can do this!

4) Speak Guarani weekly on Instagram.

I’ll aim to keep up my weekly live videos on Instagram and include Guarani.


1) Watch the Indonesian episode of Street Food Asia + use sections for focused listening.

I’ve discovered this show that I love! Have you seen it? Street Food. There’s a Latin America series and an Asia series and it’s full of heart.

My goal is to watch the Indonesia episode and then pick shorter sections for more focused, intensive listening.

We had a whole week on developing better listening skills as part of the Speaking Confidence Challenge recently so I’m all about putting that to work!

2) Write a page in Indonesian.

I did it once, I can do it again!

3) Speak Indonesian weekly on Instagram.

As above. All part of those live Instagram videos.

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