Spanish Songs For Learning Verbs

Following on nicely from this post, I’ve compiled an 8tracks playlist full of songs that have lots of lovely examples of Spanish verbs! I’ve tried to pick a variety of styles and musical genres to interest a wider variety of people.

You’ll also notice the annotations for each song in the track listing (which shows as each song plays). I’ve added which tense is primarily used in the song. On the other hand, if you just fancy listening to some Spanish music and not thinking about the grammar then you can ignore this bit and listen away!

Spanish Songs To Help You Learn Verbs. from LindsayDoesLanguages on 8tracks Radio.

UPDATE: There’s also a YouTube playlist for this now right here. Enjoy!

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Do you have any songs that have helped you get to grips with Spanish verbs that aren’t on the playlist? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to add them!

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About Lindsay Williams

Lindsay Williams always had a curiosity for language. From spotting that most of the words on Italian road signs ended in vowels to actually wanting to order the baguettes on holiday in France, the warning signs were there. It wasn’t until Shakira released Laundry Service and she asked for a Spanish dictionary for her birthday to translate the Spanish on the album that things got what might be described as serious. Since then, Lindsay has gone on to study more languages than her fingers can count, including a degree in Modern Language Studies along the way. After founding Lindsay Does Languages to inspire independent language learners to go further when doing it solo, she now hopes it’s contagious.

7 comments on “Spanish Songs For Learning Verbs

  1. Thanks for the playlist! Is there a way I can have a list of which songs are on this playlist?

    • Of course! 🙂 I’ll try and put together a YouTube playlist over the next couple of weeks for all my 8tracks playlists. Also – @Benny O has kindly offered to create a Spotify list if that helps? 🙂
      When I’ve done the playlist I’ll email you a list of the songs too 🙂

    • Hi @disqus_QEZVPWmpTo:disqus! Here’s the list (typed quickly and not on my normal computer – you’ll have to excuse the lack of accents!)
      Me Gustas Tu – Manu Chao
      Limon y Sal – Julieta Venegas
      Fan de ti – Sidecars
      Que hace una chica como tu en un sitio como este? – Alejo Stivel
      Como una vela – Melendi
      Disenarme – Joan Sebastian
      No apagues la luz – Enrique Iglesias
      Falzas Esperanzas – Christina Aguilera
      Ser Valiente – Caravan Cantante
      Quien Sanara – Jay & Dario
      Day 1 – Leslie Grace
      Que hiciste? – Jennifer Lopez
      Eso haciamos – Doble Pletina
      Ayer – La Habitacion roja
      Buen viaje – Hello Seahorse
      Me enamora – Juanes
      Si yo fuera un chico – Beyonce
      Si no te hubieras ido – Marco Antonio Solis

  2. @lindsaydow:disqus, ah that’s wonderful! Thank you y también muchísimas gracias a @disqus_QEZVPWmpTo:disqus. Your 8tracks, YouTube, and Spotify playlists and future email do definitely help.

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