Language Learning Goals: Clear The List – June 2016

Welcome to June’s Clear The List! Hosted by myself, Shannon of Eurolinguiste, and Mariah of Food, Booze and Baggage, we share our monthly goals and encourage you to do the same. Check the bottom of this post for more info on how to join in.

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Language Learning Review for May

Speak Korean

I didn’t do so well on this one. Eek!

I have altering my study time with Korean to be more focused on listening and speaking but I haven’t stuck to my daily Korean Snapchat updates or my HelloTalk audio messages.

To be honest, my Korean messages on HelloTalk dwindled out and I’m been too busy lazy to start new conversations.

As for not doing the daily Snaps? I have no excuse!


Esperanto happened really easily! I’ve got a ridiculously long streak on Duolingo – probably all the way since returning from Berlin.

It’s funny in comparison to Korean. Sometimes things just fit and sometimes they don’t. Who knows.

Getting a plan down

Yes! This happened and I feel pretty nifty about it. This also means I have good plans for June…

Language Learning Goals for June


I’m keeping going with Korean at a slow pace because I’m still studying with my buddy Shannon! We’re chatting weekly and sharing what we’ve learnt, which is proving great motivation to keep going.

I’m finishing the Colloquial Korean audio by the end of the month by listening to and repeating one each weekday.


I just can’t let Japanese go. So I’m going to keep learning it a little to keep it fresher in my mind.

I’m currently working through a chapter each week of my old Teach Yourself Japanese book.


I’ve planned with Esperanto that I can complete the Duolingo course by mid-June by sticking to a new topic each day, which so far has proved pretty achievable. Woohoo!

It’s weird though. I haven’t actually spoken or used any Esperanto yet at all. So it’s kind of an experiment based on Duolingo, which is something I’ve never actively used to learn a language.

Seeing as Esperanto is acting almost as a break from Korean and Japanese, which is quite nice. We’ll see how it goes.


I used to be not bad at Chinese waaaay back circa 2009. It’s there in my brain. I just need to revive it.

Which is why I’ve started listening to and repeating one Assimil lesson a day from Chinese With Ease. It’s the first time I’ve used Assimil and I like it a lot! It’s not a huge focus for me right now but just something I’m putting into my routine.

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  • Hannah Hartwell

    For Korean, have you ever looked at the resources of Talk To Me In Korean, Korean From Zero or Korean Made Simple by Billy Go? They all have video series on YouTube and have published various books also…

    • Ooo, I’ve not heard of Korean Made Simple or Korean From zero. I do like Talk To Me in Korean though! Thanks for sharing! I’ll check the other two out 🙂

  • Our chats are a huge motivation for me, too! There would probably be weeks that I would skip Korean if I didn’t feel accountable in sharing what I worked on with you.

  • I’d be happy to practise Esperanto, Japanese or Chinese with you.

    • That would actually be really great! I have 3 lessons left on Esperanto on Duolingo but have spoken…! Haha! I’ll email you! 🙂

  • Ooh, you’ve got the three big East Asian languages to work on this month, that’ll be interesting. It’s interesting to hear too that you’re having more general success with Esperanto than Korean; what do you think of it? I dabbled in it off and on a while ago but it never really stuck.

    Anyway, best of luck for June and I hope you’re enjoying the start of summer! 😀

    • Thanks Charlotte! Summer is good so far, if not a little rainy! 😉

      Esperanto is interesting. I’m struggling to think of situations I’d use it in, but it does seem to be sticking in my brain, which is funny!