12 Best Korean YouTube Channels to Help You Learn Korean

YouTube has always been a great tool for language learning. But it can feel a little overwhelming knowing where to start. Here’s 12 of the best Korean YouTube Channels to learn Korean.

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Sweet and Tasty

This was one of the first Korean YouTube channels I found years ago that really helped inspire me to start learn Korean by making it super accessible.

Now the focus is on travel and food a lot more so, but there’s still new language videos from time to time and a whole back-catalogue to enjoy too.

Her newer videos are great but let’s start at the beginning…

Korean Unnie

What I like Korean Unnie’s channel for in particular is the practical vocab and phrase videos that walk you through the places you’d want to use that vocab.

For example, there’s one in an airport and this one in a convenience store too.

KoreanEnglishman + JOLLY

The evolution of this channel is mind-blowing. They now have videos interviewing some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities, which is insane! They give them Korean food and drink and ask them to share their opinions.

And here’s the weird thing…Olly and Josh are English. Well, maybe not that weird as you might have guessed that from the name of their channel.

That means there’s lots of Korean subtitles on English content, which is handy if you’re quite advanced.

But the thing I love as a relative beginner learner is the older videos of Josh teaching Olly Korean. As a learner, it’s super reassuring that it’s not just you finding this thing difficult!

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Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK)

Of course, Talk To Me In Korean has to be on this list. They make so much good stuff it’s exhausting. Everything they make it awesome.

I’ve watched their 30 essential verbs video too many times to count at this stage.


The other big one that you’ve probably already found but definitely deserves to be on this list is KoreanClass101.

Really helpful videos for any level of learner.


Easy Languages has to be one of my favourite YouTube channels overall. The concept is simple: take to the streets and ask native speakers questions.

This means lots of real language, no scripts, and some super helpful subtitles added too.

And the good news is there’s a Korean series too! It’s not as frequent as the German or French for example, but as far as I know, people filming these are volunteers so sometimes hosts come and go. Fingers crossed more more in the future.

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If you’re a fan of K-pop, you’ve just found your new favourite YouTube channel.

There are a few channels out there that upload videos of K-pop songs with the lyrics in multiple languages, but this channel blows my mind with how quickly they do it. Plus they’re always really high quality.

I like to watch one after a little study session to bring me out of the zone and back to reality!


If you love memes, if you love pop culture, if you love Fine Brothers style react videos, this one’s for you.

They provide English subtitles but not Korean so I like to use these a bit more passively, like when I’m brushing my teeth or getting ready in the morning.


Much like KoreanEnglishman, the appeal of GoBilly Korean is that he’s not a native speaker, so you get a different perspective in his lesson videos.

He’s been learning since 2005 so has plenty of experience with the language.

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Minji Teaches Korean

Helpful series of videos teaching specifics and confusing elements of learning Korean.

Minji has a friendly style and will help you understand the bits that have been bugging you for ages!

Conversational Korean

This channel is weirdly relaxing. Every time I’ve typed in “fruit vocab” or “transport vocab” for example, this channel has been high on the search results list.

Useful to watch and make notes on key vocab that you want to learn.

How To Study Korean

I used the website How to Study Korean way back in 2016 when I first started learning the language, so I was excited to see they also have a YouTube channel.

They upload a mixture of videos to accompany their lessons on their website as well as ’20 Second Korea’ which is a insight into Korean daily life.

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Which is your favourite YouTube channel for learning Korean? Share in the comments!

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